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"AZLE, TX – Friends and family of Sheri Johnson-Lopez call her ‘smiley.’ “Yes, because I’m always smiling and look at life positively,” she said. She is an artist, a painter, wreath maker and mother to 5-year-old Zaydon. “For me, art is a stress relief. Let’s put it that way,” she explained while completing a large project for a client. What you cannot see is how big of a heart she has. “Of course, our service is about pride and honor and serving the citizens of Texas and the United States. Those flags – they make us proud,” explained Jon Reed, Azle Fire Dept.Sheri volunteered to paint the United States flag and a Texas flag in the bays where trucks, pumpers and ambulances are kept for the Azle Fire Department.

Al Boenker

"Can you spot these hidden items in our mural?"

Fort Worth Star 

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Spotlight feature story,

Sheri Johnson Lopez -

That's Flippin' Smart Art

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